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Everything we do is driven by our core belief that adoption is a wonderful way to build a family.  The Law Offices of Ellen M. Kaplan, P.A. provide domestic adoption services for newborn Caucasian, Hispanic, African-American and Bi-Racial infants.  We foster both open adoptions and closed adoptions, and work with families throughout the United States.  Our services are provided in a caring and sensitive manner so that we may meet the individual needs and desires of both the adoptive family and the birth parent.

Ellen has been a practicing attorney since 1991.  She is a member in good standing with both the Florida Bar and the Nebraska Bar.  Ms. Kaplan is board certified in adoption, a member of the American Academy of Adoption Attorneys and a member of the Florida Adoption Council.  Her services include private placement adoptions, surrogacy, litigation of contested adoptions, Department of Children and Families Interventions, agency legal representation, step-parent and relative adoptions, birth mother representation and domestication of foreign judgments of adoption.

In addition to being an attorney, Ms. Kaplan is also a registered nurse who has worked extensively in the field of labor and delivery.  She is compassionate, knowledgable and passionate about promoting a caring experience for both the birth parents and adoption parents.

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