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Here’s my story…

I’m Ellen Kaplan, and this is my story (or why I do what I do).

I believe my work is not a job, but a calling guided by the unyielding principles of truth, honesty, compassion, love and courage. The right families come for the right babies and the right babies await the right families. Nothing happens by chance; there is a higher hand at work guiding everything. Everyone involved is bound together through the child, and that honoring the birth family and holding them in the highest regard is key to the child’s growth and development. In providing the most compassionate, caring and knowledgeable experience possible for both birth and adoptive parents.

Personal Adoption Case Manager

Every birth mom is assigned their personal Adoption Case Manager, a compassionate, understanding counselor and advocate whose singular responsibility is your health and well being.   She is with you every step of the way.

“When I am with an expecting mother, I am there for her from the moment she calls to provide personal guidance and emotional support. I am non-judgmental, no matter what or how heavy the situation may be. I get to know her personally and always try and develop a genuine close relationship.  I  give all of my expectant/birth mothers the respect and support they deserve during what can be a difficult time in their lives. You can count on me to be there for you throughout the entire experience and beyond.”

– Maggy, Adoption Case Manager

Ellen Kaplan Adoption Support Services

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I strongly believe my work is not a job but a service guided by principles of truth, honesty, love and courage.

I believe strongly the right families come for the right babies and the right babies are there for the right families; there being a higher hand in everything.

I believe everyone involved is connected through the child and that honoring one’s birth family and holding them in the highest regard is the key to the child’s positive growth and development.

I am compassionate, knowledgeable and passionate about promoting a caring experience for both the birth parents and adoptive parents.

The Credentials

Ellen Kaplan is a practicing [adoption] attorney since 1991 and member in good standing with the Florida Bar. Ellen is Board Certified in Florida Adoption law, sits on the Florida Board Certification Committee on Adoption law, a Fellow of the prestigious Academy of Adoption & Assisted Reproduction Attorneys, and serves on the Board of the Florida Adoption Council. Services include domestic private placement adoptions (newborn, infants, toddlers, older children, siblings, multiples), step-parent and relative adoptions, adult adoptions, individual birth mother representation, domestication of foreign judgments of adoption, litigation of contested adoptions, Department of Children and Families (DCF) Interventions, Agency and Intermediary legal defense representation, and Surrogacy. In addition to being an attorney, Ellen is also a registered nurse who has worked extensively in the field of labor and delivery.

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