Allison & Emily

“We’ve always wanted to become parents through adoption – to provide a loving home for a child who needs one”

Location: Massachusetts

Ages: 29 and 28

Religion: None

Professions: Full-time Student/Accountant

Other Kids: None

Preferences: All Races, Either Gender, Newborn 

How We Met: We met in 2009 as freshmen while attending the same college in Boston. We started dating the following year, when Emily was 19 and Allison was 20. After five years of dating we were married in September of 2015, surrounded by our family and friends. We were married just ten minutes away from our current home at an apple orchard. Each anniversary we celebrate by apple picking and consuming far-too-many cider donuts. This is a tradition we look forward to sharing with our child! 

Qualities We Love, Admire and Respect in Each Other:  Allison is a fun and caring lady, full of love for friends, family, and of course, our dog, Beesly! She is positive and always sees the good in people. She is an avid reader and loves getting lost in good books. Allison will always be up for reading a bedtime story to our child, or helping with homework! Emily is a “big kid” at heart! She is always the one to get on the floor and play with our youngest nieces, or crack a joke. She is caring and thoughtful. Emily will support our child in whatever their interests are, whether that means coaching a sports team, going to music recitals, or building a treehouse. As a couple we hope to simply be happy. Although we both take pride in our education and careers, what we really care about is enjoying our lives together. We hope to travel, experience new people and places, and to spend as much time with each other and our families as possible.

Our Hobbies and Interests: We are the true definition of “home bodies” – we love spending time together in and around our community! Our house is within short walking distance of bike trails, playgrounds, and a short drive to two beautiful beaches. The downtown area has some really great restaurants, shops, and family-oriented activities. We love exploring our hometown together, as well as the towns in and around our area. 

Why We Want to Adopt: Becoming parents will be one of the best and biggest adventures we have together! We’ve always wanted to become parents through adoption – to provide a loving home for a child who needs one. As parents we are excited to: nurture our child’s resiliency and hope; love our child unconditionally and express our love daily with words and actions; and celebrate the identity and history of our child, including your love for them. We are committed to supporting any level of openness you desire. We would love to learn about you when you’re ready. As you plan for your baby’s future, we wish you love and support for your journey.