Brandon & Shaleena

, Brandon and Shaleena

“We have the desire in our hearts to have more children and will love any child as our own.

Location: Florida

Ages: 37 and 34

Religion: Christian

Professions: Insurance Broker/Realtor

Other Kids: 1 girl

Preferences: Any Race, Either Gender, Infant  

How We Met: We met in high school and actually dated for a short time but after graduating we both went our separate ways. We met up again at Shaleena’s 25th birthday in Orlando and have been together ever since.  We were married in 2016.  Shaleena had a daughter from a previous relationship and that same year Brandon also adopted Shaleena’s daughter so that they would be a family.

Qualities We Love, Admire and Respect in Each Other:  Brandon is very kind, generous, and calm.  He is a very caring person and is always thinking of others.  He will offer you anything he has and go without and never say a word about it.  He also has a great sense of humor.  It is a dry humor that just comes out of no where and never disappoints.  We compare it to Chandler from friends.  Most of all Brandon is a hands-on amazing father.  Shaleena is a little more outgoing.  She is somewhat of a social butterfly and can get along with anyone.  She wears her heart on her sleeve.  She is very caring and always puts herself in others shoes to see their perspective. She is also a wonderful mother to their daughter.

Our Hobbies and Interests: We love to travel.  We always take at least 2 big vacations a year.  We also have another home on a river in Florida that we like to go to when we have time.  We love to boat and fish there as well as at Treasure Island and the Florida Keys.  We love Disney (Shaleena goes to Disney a couple of times a month).  Brandon plays softball and we both work out pretty regularly.  Our daughter does as many sports as she can so we are always going to some kind of game.  Her main sport is cheerleading so our Friday nights in the fall are spent at the football field.

Why We Want to Adopt:  We have been trying to get pregnant for the past 3 years.  We have been through IVF and have unexplained infertility.  We want to have a big family and have a lot of love to give.  We have been fostering a baby boy through DCF with the hopes of adopting but have learned recently that he will not be available for adoption. We have the desire in our hearts to have more children and will love any child as our own.