David & Cailin

, David and Cailin

“Families come in all forms and surrounding children with love is what is most important.”

Location: Massachusetts

Ages: 40 and 39

Religion: Christian

Professions: Carpentry Business Owner/Nurse Practitioner

Other Kids: 1 daughter

Preferences: Any Race, Either Gender, Infant up to Six Months

How We Met: We met just after college in Boston in 2002.  We were next-door neighbors and became friends right away. A few years later, we decided to move out of the city and closer to our family.  We were married in David’s father’s backyard, overlooking a lake where David spent most of his childhood. 

Qualities We Love, Admire and Respect in Each Other: David has a radiant smile and loves to have fun.  At the same time, he has a deep understanding of who he is and who he wants to be. He works hard and always “leaves it all on the field”. He simply adores being a dad, and family means the world to him.  Cailin is a great listener and is very loyal.  She cherishes her friendships and when David met her, he knew right away that he wanted to be a part of her life.  Wherever they are, Cailin is the center of David and their daughter’s lives.

Our Hobbies and Interest: We both share a commitment and passion in our daily life and to making the world a better place.  We love being outdoors, adventure, music and food. We both love to travel and have traveled to many places, including Mexico, Costa Rico and Puerto Rico, where we learned to speak Spanish.  Cailin loves art and music.  She also is a photographer (weddings, family portraits, engagements and births) and enjoys playing drums in a band.  In the summer, she spends every spare minute cultivating her small flower garden in front of the house. David is a dedicated dad who loves to play – building forts, hide and seek, exploring outside and telling spooky stories.  When he is not reading a sci-fi book or playing a video game, he is head first in one of his many projects – the vegetable garden, preparing elaborate dinners, renovating our house or making sure there is plenty of popcorn and chocolate from movie night.

Why We Want to Adopt: David grew up with adoption through personal tragedies as part of his family history.  Cailin was raised by a single parent and did not meet her father until she was an adult.  Both of these experiences shaped their views of what a family is, how families come in all forms and that surrounding children with love is what is most important. Because of a difficult pregnancy with their first daughter, they have chosen adoption as the way to expand their family. They promise to provide your child with a warm, stable and loving home.