Elias & Sylvia

, Elias and Sylvia

“From the very beginning of our relationship we always knew we would love to have a child someday”

Location: Florida

Ages: 37 and 36

Religion: Catholic

Professions: IT Consultant/Administrative Assistant

Other Kids: None

Preferences: Caucasian/Hispanic/Asian, Female, Infant  

How We Met: Sylvia, 18 and Elias, 19 met at Miami Beach back in 2000.  We were each with a set of friends waiting to eat at a restaurant.  Everyone was grumbling about how long the wait was; everyone was “hangry”.  Both of us were chiming in and conversation sparked….it has continued sparking ever since.  Time flew by; it seems like yesterday Elias gave me a promise ring after our first year of dating.  The last 18 years have been filled with much happiness, exploring the world through our travels, spending time with our families, just the greatest of memories.  And whenever there were low moments, we picked each other right up.

Qualities We Love, Admire and Respect in Each Other:  Elias is a patient, kind, loving and intelligent man.  When we first met, his ambition blew me away especially since he was only 19.  I had never met someone like him.  I knew he was special from those first conversations.  As our relationship blossomed, I learned just how caring and loving he could be.  Sylvia is loving, dedicated and family oriented.  Upon meeting her, I soon found out that she was just as beautiful inside as she was on the outside.  She is an old soul, just like me.  I love seeing her interact with her nieces and godchildren.  We have a strong, unwavering marriage.

Our Hobbies and Interests: Our favorite activity is traveling; we have been fortunate enough to see many different parts of the world and we’ve been able to partake in a lot of different adventures.  We enjoy trying new restaurants and consider ourselves foodies.  We love taking long walks in the park or around our neighborhood while chatting up a storm.  We also like our Friday nights and movie night Sundays.  We enjoy having family dinners and pool parties with everyone.

Why We Want to Adopt:  From the very beginning of our relationship we always knew we would love to have a child someday – one way or another.  Before we even tried for a baby, we discussed adoption as an option.  After suffering a couple of miscarriages, we knew adopting a child would be the next step for us.  We have waited a long time to become parents.  We took our time to make sure the puzzle pieces were in place: a strong relationship, a good home, financial stability – we have attained our goals, so we’re hoping someone will bless us with a baby.  We want to nurture a child the same way we were while growing up, showering them with unconditional love while providing the best home possible.