Francesco & Valentina

“We instantly knew that adoption was the right decision for us, and we are excited to start this new chapter in our lives!”

Location: Massachusetts

Ages: 44 and 39

Religion: Raised as Catholic

Professions: Head of IT Infrastructure/Designer, Merchandiser

Other Kids: None

Preferences: Any Race, Either Gender, Newborn up to 1 year of age

How We Met: We met through common friends in Trieste, a lovely coastal city on the Mediterranean Sea, in Italy, where we had moved for our studies.  We were neighbors, and shortly after best friends and dance partners. Dancing soon became the perfect excuse to spend as much time as possible together and made us realize that we had a very deep connection. We were perfect for each other and fell in love. We relocated to Boston, MA for work in 2008, and we got married in 2010. We have lived in Massachusetts since then and moved in 2018 to a small town on the coast not far from Boston.

Qualities We Love, Admire and Respect in Each Other: Francesco says: Valentina is extremely honest and genuine, and I know I can always trust her and count on her. She is really fun. She is very affectionate and dedicated, cares deeply about us and our home, and is very proud of our family and our life. She is easy to get along with, and people typically instantly love her. Valentina is artsy and playful and always full of creative ideas.
Valentina says: Francesco has a big heart, he is truly patient and kind, and he is never judgmental or impulsive. Even though he is one of the cleverest people that I know, he is very humble and modest. He is excellent at problem solving, and if anyone asks for his help, in any field, he won’t stop until the issue is solved. He is super tidy and very meticulous. He never takes things for granted, and cherishes the little, but nevertheless important, things in life.

Our Hobbies and Interests: We love to travel, especially to explore new cities and states, to visit museums and historical houses. We enjoy going to musicals and concerts, watching movies, and going out with friends for a good chat. We also like to spend time outdoors. Living by the ocean, we love kayaking, running on the beach and walking our pup Minnie through our quaint neighborhood. When it’s cold outdoors, reading and cooking are our favorite activities. Valentina is obsessed with all things Halloween! She cannot wait to decorate the house with spooky décor and do any kind of fall activity. Francesco loves gardening and home improvement.

Why We Want to Adopt: We have always planned to have both biological and adopted children. After years of trying to conceive and learning that for us it would be extremely difficult, we decided to move forward with our adoption plans. We instantly knew that adoption was the right decision for us, and we are excited to start this new chapter in our lives!