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Birth Mothers – The Stress of an Unplanned Pregnancy

 This is probably the most stressful and difficult time of your life. So many questions are going through your mind: What will my family say? What are my options? Should I parent?  Is placing my baby for adoption the right decision? How do I know my baby will be placed with the right family who will love him unconditionally? Who can help me?  Who can I trust to listen and inform me of my options? These questions and more are running through your mind, and it can all feel completely overwhelming.

The first thing to know is you are not alone. For over  20 years, I have helped hundreds of women just like you understand all their options and supported them in their decision.  Being an adoption and family law attorney and registered obstetrical nurse gives me unique insight and perspective so that we can have an open, honest and compassionate conversation.

Above all, know that adoption is the most selfless decision you can make and the truest demonstration of a mother’s unconditional love.  It’s a decision solely based on the best interests of your child, not your own.




You have an advocate; you have a friend.

I’m here for you 24 hours a day.
I promise I will never judge you.
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Birth Mothers and Unplanned Pregnancies

We will support you from beginning to end and beyond.

This is your adoption plan so you are in control. You guide this plan. You get to choose your baby’s adoptive parents. You get to decide when and where to meet the adoptive parents. You get to decide how things will be and who will be at the hospital. You get to choose if you’d like an open adoption, semi-open adoption, or closed adoption. These choices and more will help create your adoption plan. With each choice, we are happy to guide you as to how your choices can be beneficial to you and your baby now and throughout your child’s life. We will follow your lead and help you throughout the experience.

One-on-One Support

“When I am with an expecting mother, I am there for her from the moment she calls and provide her with personal guidance and emotional support. I am non-judgmental no matter what or how heavy the situation may be. I get to know her personally and always try and develop a genuine close relationship with her. I give all of my expectant/birth mothers the respect and support they deserve during what can be a difficult time in their lives. You can count on me to be there for you throughout the entire experience and beyond.”

-Maggy, Adoption Case Manager
Adoption Support Services

Call or Text 954-270-2787

Prospective birth mothers who contact our office through various sources are shown profiles of Hopeful Adoptive Parents and get the opportunity to select the prospective adoptive parent or parents they feel is the best match for them and their child. Since the expectant birth mother or birth parents select the family that they feel would be the best match for their child, we cannot guarantee that you will be selected or matched with a birth mother or birth parents, nor can we give you an estimate of how long it will take to be selected. Some families may be profiled for a month or two, while some may be profiled for a year or more.

One-on-One Support

“Being matched with an expectant birth mom is an exciting event however, there is always some uncertainty in the process. I work directly with you and your expectant birth mother to help you make a connection with her and answer all your questions and concerns as you move forward throughout the pregnancy. My experience and knowledge provide you and the expectant birth mother with the personal support you both need and can count on throughout your entire experience.”

-Maggy, Adoption Case Manager
Adoption Support Services

Call or Text 954-270-2787

There are some risks in adoption that we will discuss with you, in depth, at the time of your initial consultation. We are here for you!

“…these ladies make the experience much easier.”

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