Jack & Jennifer

“We are both very committed to our marriage and family and we have a deep, abiding faith in God which keeps us steady and enthusiastic.”

Location: Ohio

Ages: 39 and 38

Religion: Christian

Professions: Minister/Minister

Other Kids: 3 kids

Preferences: Any Race, Either Gender, Newborn up to 3 months

How We Met: Jack knew Jennifer was the girl he wanted to marry the first time he went to her front door. Jennifer was not convinced. She was sure Jack was not her type. After several months of persistent pursuit, notes, flowers, love songs and late-night talks, Jennifer fell in love with Jack. They were different in many ways and that made them quite a pair. Jack was the life of the party and Jennifer was studious and focused. Jack helped Jennifer relax, try new things and find joy, and Jennifer gave Jack courage to become everything he could be. Together we make a dynamic pair of leaders.

Qualities We Love, Admire and Respect in Each Other: Jack is a man of faith, joy, and grit. He works harder than anyone I know and can play just as hard! Jack is adventurous and athletic and good at so many difficult things. He is a famous storyteller, a recording artist and a passionate pastor. Jack’s father’s heart is incredible, he loves his kids openly and proudly. Jennifer is pure in heart and full of integrity. She partners with people in their life in a way that empowers them to believe in themselves and reach higher than they would on their own. She has a gift at making anyone she meets feel special. We are both very committed to our marriage and family and have a deep, abiding faith in God which keeps us steady and enthusiastic.

Our Hobbies and Interests: Our family loves to be together! We spend lots of quality time with our closest friend families doing the things they love. This makes our life diverse. We love to travel, be outside, celebrate holidays, and be active. Sports (soccer, swimming, volleyball, track, dance) are a major part of our lives since all our children are athletic. The House of Prayer is also a major part of our life and we spend a lot of time in worship, prayer and fellowship with people of faith. Mission work, prayer camps for kids and prayer retreats are times when we pull together to lead others. At home, we enjoy bonfires, board games, entertaining friends or a good movie. Our home is vibrant and peaceful.

Why We Want to Adopt: After raising our three children who are teenagers now, we knew we loved parenting and we do not feel like we are done being a mom and dad. There is still a lot inside of us to give to more children. Since Jennifer is unable to carry babies, Jack suggested that we adopt, and Jennifer was thrilled! Our best friends adopted four years ago, and we have been a part of their adoption story. We are excited now to have them be a part of ours and to be the answer to someone’s prayers for a loving and nurturing home for their child. We love welcoming new people into our family because every person adds to our diversity and that makes life so fulfilling!