“I have the utmost respect for you, and I hope for ongoing contact with you through the years.  Please know that your baby will always know how much he/she is loved by you”

Location: Texas

Ages: 56

Religion: Jewish

Professions: Engineer

Other Kids: 3 children

Preferences: Multi-Racial, Asian/Pacific Islander, Either Gender, Child up to 1 years of age 

My Current Marital Status: I hope to re-marry in the future. For now, I am fortunate to have an excellent relationship with my former husband who is the father figure of my children.  We share a great love and passion for adopted children, he sees the children daily and plays an important role in our lives.

Qualities My Friends Love, Admire and Respect in Me:  My family and friends describe me as being courageous, independent, intellectual, genuine, compassionate, and strong. My kids tell me that I am loving, nurturing, always there for them and “having their backs”. They say that I have a sense of humor and don’t lose my cool even when things get a little rough.

Our Hobbies and Interests: Our life is very family centered.  We are an active family, and my children and myself are enrolled in several extra-curricular activities. The children enjoy participating in Tae Kwon Do, horseback riding, swimming, yoga, and gymnastics.  My older daughter was adopted from India, she is fond of yoga, swimming and horses.  My younger daughter was adopted at birth. She is our tomboy, and is into Tae Kwon Do and gymnastics. My son was also adopted at birth.  He is a bookworm and is also practicing martial arts.  Music is another hobby we all share.  My son plays the clarinet, and both sisters play piano.  I am learning tabla (an Indian drum) together with my tomboy daughter.  At home, we often cook together in the kitchen, enjoy our family dinners and invite friends over.  We also like to sit together in the living room, share ideas, tell how our days was, practice musical instruments and do improvised performances, and of course have movie nights.

We are a multi-cultural family and our roots (Cambodia/Vietnam, Marshall Islands, African American, India and Europe) span over all five continents!  Being multi-cultural is our nature, all of us are multilingual, and languages we speak include Spanish, French, Hebrew, Hindi, and a bit Chinese.  We love to experience other cultures, our circle of friends is very diverse, and we have fun travelling and exploring new places.

Why I Want to Adopt:  Adoption has been my childhood dream. I have experienced adoption as a true miracle, I have great love and passion for adopted children. My children treasure the fact that they were adopted, they are proud of their life story and they want to adopt themselves one day.  We would love nothing more than to experience the joy of embracing an adopted baby into our family.

My Promise to You: Should you choose our family to love and care for your baby, know that he/she will grow in our loving home, nurtured and cherished by us forever. I will raise the baby with the same love and understanding that I experienced as a child, and with which I am raising my children today.  I am committed to teaching my new baby about his/her culture and cherish his/her heritage, as I did with my other children.  My college education has opened doors for me and allowed me to have a life full of possibilities. It is very important to me to give my children the opportunity for a college education.  I have the utmost respect for you, and I hope for ongoing contact with you through the years.  Please know that your baby will always know how much he/she is loved by you.