Jim & Myriam

“We both love being parents and family is the most important thing in our lives.”

Location: California

Ages: 50 and 44

Religion: Jewish

Professions: Engineer/Life Coach

Other Kids: 1 son

Preferences: Caucasian/Hispanic/Pacific Islander/Native American, Either Gender, Infant  

How We Met: Our friends introduced us on a camping trip. We couldn’t stop talking to each other and found we had so much in common.  We share core values of family, honesty, compassion and the importance of helping friends and community.  We knew instantly we wanted to marry and raise a family together.  We talked about adoption on our second date, and would love the opportunity to welcome a second child into our family.

Qualities We Love, Admire and Respect in Each Other:  Jim about Myriam: “She is the warmest person I know and is always thinking of others first. She is a wonderful mother, who creates a kind and loving home where everyone is listened to and respected.  She has a Master’s degree and speaks several languages including French, Spanish and English, which she has been teaching our son and plans to teach the next child/children.  She brings kindness and humor to everything, and all of our children will grow up in a loving home.” Myriam about Jim: “My Beloved Jim is the most intelligent person I know. He has a big heart and is generous.  He has a PhD, played baseball in college, and directs engineering. He loves our son and wants him to have siblings too.”

Our Hobbies and InterestsWe are a very active family.  Our travels have taken us to England, France, Spain, Switzerland, Greece, Hawaii and the National Parks in Utah, Colorado, Arizona and California.  Sports (basketball, baseball, soccer and swimming) are a big part of our lives – Jim played baseball in college and we were both lifeguards. Our son plays basketball, baseball, soccer and swims. As a family we like to play board games, go to movies, musicals and sporting events.  Our family values are to listen to each other, be honest, laugh, work hard, and be close to our friends and family.  We are grateful for each other, and for what we have, every day. We both love being parents and family is the most important thing in our lives.

Why We Want to Adopt:   We talked about adopting on our second date. We are so grateful to have one child. There were complications after delivery and we have had several advanced miscarriages. It is not safe for Myriam to carry a second child. Our son is such a blessing, and we feel so fortunate to be his parents. We have so much love to give and have always known that we want to have more children. Being parents gives us so much joy, and our son hopes to be a big brother.  Our hearts are open to welcoming a second child to our family.