Joe & Amanda

“Adoption has touched our lives through family and friends, and we always wanted to adopt.”

Location: Florida

Ages: 40 and 40

Religion: Jewish/Agnostic

Professions: Financial Lawyer/Stay-at-home Mom

Other Kids: 3

Preferences: All Races, Either Gender, Newborn 

How We Met: We met as college freshmen, and after 8 years of dating, we finally got married 13 years ago. Every milestone in our adult lives has happened together. We made it through months of being kept apart during Joe’s air force basic training and then going to war after 9/11. We have supported each other through job changes, graduate school, and cross-country moves. We have lived through both beautiful joy and real tragedy together. And looking back, we genuinely love each other more and more each year. We can’t imagine not being together.

Qualities We Love, Admire and Respect in Each Other: Amanda is creative, selfless, organized, practical, and caring. She loves the environment, animals, and the arts. She always teaches our kids that the most important thing to be is a good person, and the most important thing to do is help others. Joe is funny, warm, social, positive, and analytical. He loves sports, movies, tech toys, and math. We compliment each other well, and still can’t wait to see each other at the end of each day. We have built a home full of joy, laughter, and a lot of craziness – which is exactly the way we like it.

Our Hobbies and Interests: We love spending time together as a family, and we try to not be apart at all on the weekends, which means we usually travel as a pack to take the kids to karate, piano lessons, parties, and a thousand fun events around town. We love our quiet weekdays at home, but our days off are full of adventures. We also love to travel, and take a trip at least every other month. Often, it’s just a trip to Disney or a new beach (got to love Florida life!), but we also love taking big trips.  We just took all three kids to Iceland for a huge adventure this summer, and we’re planning for Italy next!

Why We Want to Adopt: Adoption has touched our lives through family and friends, and we always wanted to adopt. Amanda cannot have biological children, and our three children have each been adopted as babies. Though we didn’t originally expect to want a larger family, we have loved being parents even more than we ever thought possible! Each of our adoption experiences has been a unique and beautifully messy miracle for us, and we cannot wait to experience this joy again to complete our family.