If you chose me to adopt your child, I promise that I will love and support your child 100%.

My Location: North Carolina

Age: 43

Religion: Christian

Profession: Owner of an Insurance Agency

Other Kids: None

Preferences: Any Race, Either Gender, Newborn up to 6 months

Why I am Single/Haven’t Married/My Marital Status:  I am very happy with who I am, my friends, my family and my career. My life is very full and complete and although I would like to have a life partner, I do not need a man to complete my life.  The man I do choose, however,  will have to be a teammate and life partner, work as hard as I do but still prioritize family first, have a deep faith and strong relationship with God that is demonstrated through his actions and how he treats people, love to read and learn, love to travel and have an adventure, be athletic and love the outdoors, love dogs and kids and will play with his children, teach his children, listen to his children, be patient and loving with his children, but also set boundaries with his children. Until God decides it is time for that man to become a part of my life, I will continue to enjoy my life, work hard, learn, try new things and have adventures. 

Qualities Others Love, Admire and Respect About Me: I am a hard worker who never gives up and always sails forward. I do not consider things a failure as long as I learn something from it and use that lesson to get up and try again, smarter and wiser.  I am very giving and loving in all of my relationships. I am a great listener. I am always there for my friends and family when they need me.

Our Hobbies and Interest: I am very athletic and love to be outside with my dog, Tucker.  I grew up playing basketball, tennis, volleyball, swimming and skiing. I love to meet friends at the dog park so Tucker can play with his dog buddies. I love to go on long walks at our local parks. I love Pilates, hiking, kayaking, and stand-up paddle board. I love to try new restaurants with my friends. I also love to sit on my back porch and read while Tucker plays in the yard. I take a yearly trip to the mountains in the fall and go visit one of my best friends at her beach house every spring.

Why I Want to Adopt: Being single doesn’t have to stop me from creating my own little family. I have always wanted to adopt. I have worked really hard to get myself in a position financially and within my business to be able to support a child emotionally, mentally and physically. As a business owner,  I can make my own schedule.  I will be able to leave work every day and pick a child up from school. I will be at all school events and be able to go on field trips. I’ll be home to help with homework and make dinner. I promise that I will love and support your child 100%.