“I have always wanted to bring a child into my family to love and nurture”

Location: North Carolina

Age: 41

Religion: Christian

Profession: Physician

Other Kids: None

Preferences: Any Race, Either Gender, Newborn to 12 months of age

Why I Haven’t Married:  While I have sustained committed relationships with men in the past, I am not currently in a relationship.  I do hope to be married one day and anyone that I would be interested in would need to want to be a father.

Qualities Others Love, Admire and Respect About Me: My friends describe me as being “kind, patient, loving, organized, and traditional but not limited by convention”.  They say I am “very thoughtful in my interactions with friends old and new and am the kind of friend they aspire to be”.  A good friend of mine said “When I think of Melissa the positive attributes are overwhelming and I am confident she will be a great mother.” 

My Hobbies and Interest:  I love visiting with family, spending time with my friends and my dog, watching movies, and attending concerts (I love listening to live music).  I also play the piano and love reading and participating in book clubs.  I am an avid animal lover as well. 

Why I Want to Adopt: I have always wanted to have children.  I see nurturing and parenting a child as a primary commitment in my life.  After I learned I was unable to conceive a child, I realized that my goal was not to become pregnant but to bring a child into my family to love and nurture. I believe adoption is a positive way I can build a family.