Milton & Jose

“We have so much love to give a child and we can’t wait to travel the world with him or her.”

Location: Florida

Ages: 39 and 41

Religion: Catholic

Professions: Attorney & Owner of a Law Office/Law Office Administrator

Other Kids: None

Preferences: Caucasian/Hispanic, Either Gender, Newborn up to 6 months

How We Met:  It’s the best story. Jose was here visiting from Venezuela. He was staying with his best friend’s mother-in-law, which happen to be less than 5 minutes away from my apartment (which later became OUR apartment). We met on an app. We talked on the phone for about 4-5 days before actually meeting in person. Once we met in person we knew we were meant to be and we have been together every day since. 

Qualities We Love, Admire and Respect in Each Other:  We both have huge hearts and complement each other in every way. Jose is a very relaxed kind of guy in everything. He never gets stressed and takes everything with a grain of salt. Milton, on the other hand, wants to help the world and that in turn frustrates him when he can’t do something to help. Jose is very energetic and loves to keep the house super clean (I am coaching him on the fact that when our baby comes, I will clean even less. Lol), whereas Milton is a bit messy and disorganized. We are both very committed to our marriage and family and have learned that having a sense of humor is the key to life.

Our Hobbies and Interests:  We are always doing something. We are always on the go. We love spending time with each other and my family. Jose’s family is in Venezuela but he does have his best friend close by. We love visiting with her. She gave birth to twins about a year and a half ago and we love spending time with them. We eat out often and love playing bingo on Sundays. In our older age, lol, we have cut down quite a bit on the club scene. We enjoy more just sitting back and watching a movie, or going to the gym (we just started) and spending time with our wonderful family and friends. 

Why We Want to Adopt:  We have both always wanted to have children but it was never the right time. We realized it was not the right time because we were not with the right people. After meeting and falling in love, we immediately began speaking about having children. We both knew we wanted children but decided to wait until we actually purchased our own home. We now own a beautiful condo that we completely renovated and are ready for a child. We want to give them so much love and want them to travel the world with us, at the same time showing them responsibility and the truths of life.