The fact is that expectant mothers who decide on adoption for their child usually have more opportunities to live a stable life.

Have you ever heard the saying that “it takes a village to raise a child”?  Not everyone has access to a village for themselves or their child. Parenting a child involves much more than love.  It  involves time, financial resources and emotional support. 

Making a decision to place your child for adoption IS a loving parenting choice. It is a very self-less and brave decision.  Being aware of how you typically cope with your emotions and having the support and tools available to help guide you can help lead to a more positive emotional experience. 


Your journey does not end at the Hospital.


It continues well beyond your placement. Every birth mother will have a unique experience and everyone copes differently. Good counseling will help with all the feelings and mixed-emotions you may go through. A counselor will help you gain some feeling of control so that you can move on to deal with whatever else life presents you with. 

It can help pave your way to the new road ahead of you. 

With proper guidance and support,many birth-mothers can actually use adoption as a stepping stone to better themselves and their circumstances.
 A lot of birth mothers go on to complete their education and otherwise feel empowered to go for better jobs, better relationships and otherwise make changes to live a more stable, rewarding and
successful life.  

Counseling after placing a baby for adoption is a support benefit all birth mothers are entitled to

We encourage expectant mothers and birthmothers alike to take advantage of this.  It is important that your adoption entity connect you with a counselor that is both compassionate and familiar with adoption.

This is an important part in dealing with any anticipatory (advanced placement feelings
of) grief as well as the healing and recovery process.  

Beyond the counseling sessions it is important you find an adoption attorney or agency that offers a lifetime of emotional support.  By this we mean one that truly bonds with you through the journey of your adoption plan. 

At the Law Offices of Ellen M. Kaplan, P.A.

We pride ourselves in our committed efforts to continue a relationship with all our birth mothers. We also encourage our birth-moms seek out support groups with other birth mothers on social media or locally, if available in their area. We strongly believe that sharing  and talking about your feelings with like minded people can and will be helpful to your emotional well-being. 

You will never forget your adoption journey. Serious emotional problems is NOT an issue you will have to face when you prepare yourself, find an adoption attorney or agency you feel best meets your needs emotionally and supports your choice to give yourself, and your child, what you believe are better circumstances. 

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