Austin and Ashton - Ellen Kaplan Adoptions
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Austin and Ashton

“We are very excited to gain a new family member through adoption. It truly is what our hearts desire and we trust that our hopes and dreams will be fulfilled.”

Location: Mississippi

Ages: 33 and 34

Religion: Southern Baptist

Professions: Certified Registered Nurse/Registered Nurse

Other Kids: 1 son (Austin’s son from a previous relationship)

Preferences: Any Race, Either Gender, Newborn

How We Met: It all started on a hospital floor where we were both working as nurses. Ashton loved Austin’s kind eyes. Austin loved Ashton’s warm personality & thought she looked really cute in her bright pink scrub jacket. One month later, we began dating and have been best friends ever since. Austin proposed on Christmas Eve of 2014. He put the ring in a huge box with other boxes inside that got smaller & smaller. When Ashton opened the last one, there he was down on one knee. We’ve been happily married for seven years.

Qualities We Love, Admire and Respect in Each Other: Austin is loyal, dependable, intelligent, and driven. He has a very caring soul and his pride in being a father is always apparent during any interaction or conversation. He’s extremely generous. He still never lets me pump the gas or load groceries. He’s my rock and always give me a sense of comfort. To know Ashton is to love her. She’s friendly, selfless, and never meets a stranger. She has a wonderful sense of humor and is extremely witty. One of the many other reasons I fell in love with her was her willingness to accept my son Braiden as her own. She has a calm & caring nature; children always seem to gravitate towards her.

Our Hobbies and Interests: We love spending time together as a family and have fun no matter what we do. We enjoy taking 2-3 vacations a year. At home, we enjoy swimming or making smores around the fire pit. On the weekends we might try a new recipe at home or new restaurant, or we might go out for a fun activity such as trying a new escape room! We have a weekly tradition of taking turns choosing takeout and a movie for our Family Friday nights. We enjoy being active in our church together as well. Austin’s interest and hobbies include going to the gym, grilling, playing guitar, hunting, fishing, watching college football, and growing his hot sauce collection. Ashton also enjoys cooking and going to the gym. Her other hobbies and interests include reading, shopping for a great bargain, and spending quality time with close friends and family. We are both very active in Braiden’s academics as education is very important. He enjoys playing percussion in the middle school band, playing video games, and swimming.

Why We Want to Adopt: When we met, Austin came with a special “gift” who was 2 years old at the time. He’s, our Braiden. We have always shared the dream of growing our family and giving him a sibling. We have struggled with infertility since trying to make that dream come true. We have cried and prayed about what to do next. During our challenges, we would always feel our hearts being pulled towards adoption. We know now that this was God’s plan to grow our family all along. We are very excited to gain a new family member through adoption. It truly is what our hearts desire and we trust that our hopes and dreams will be fulfilled.

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