Brian and Leah - Ellen Kaplan Adoptions
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Brian and Leah

“We have always desired to welcome children into our family. We are so excited to adopt again and add to our little family.”

Location: Georgia

Ages: 32 and 32

Religion: Christian

Professions: US Army Attorney/Pediatric Speech Language Pathologist

Other Kids: 1 boy (adopted)

Preferences: Any Race, Either Gender, Newborn

How We Met: We met when I was in 7th grade and Brian was in 8th grade. He was tutoring me in Geography! We reconnected years later as a Sophomore and Junior in high school and began dating instantly. Brian resorted to watching reality TV shows so he could easily make conversation with me in between classes! We spent the rest of our high school and college years dating before we married.

Qualities We Love, Admire and Respect in Each Other: Leah spends her days looking for ways to care for others. Not only does she work with developmentally at risk babies and provides speech therapy for young children, but she also deeply cares for her community. Every summer she grows hundreds of flowers just so she can give them to every neighbor on a weekly basis. She is always looking for ways to serve and rarely thinks of herself. Brian is the most welcoming man I know! He invests in new people and truly cares for them. I can easily expect Brian to bring someone home who needs encouragement, a hot meal, or a place to stay for the night. He actively looks for ways to provide for others.

Our Hobbies and Interests: We love to travel, spend time with family, read, and cheer on the Notre Dame football team! We enjoy exploring new parts of the world and country through hiking, meeting with locals, and learning about different cultures. Since welcoming our first child, he has already traveled to 12 states with us in the first 6 months of his life! We spend every summer in Florida for a big family reunion. This is our favorite part of the year, as we love to build sandcastles, paddle board, fish, and swim. Since childhood, Brian has been a huge Notre Dame football fan. When he was accepted there for law school, he made it his goal to attend every home football game. Attending games or cheering them on from afar, is one of our favorite things to do. Lastly, we love to read! Brian’s favorite genre is geopolitics and Leah loves reading biographies. We have five different bookcases around the house, so a book is always nearby!

Why We Want to Adopt: We have a 6-month-old baby boy, Hutton, who we adopted last year. It was such a positive experience and we have adored every single second we have had with him. Kids are the best and we can’t wait to multiply the love we have! We would love to have more children and give Hutton a sister or brother. We’ve always desired to welcome multiple children into our family but have struggled to conceive naturally. We already love this next baby so much and can’t wait to shower him or her with unconditional and eternal love.

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