Christopher and Lisa - Ellen Kaplan Adoptions
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Christopher and Lisa

“Ever since we got married, we have desired to be parents. We are so excited to become parents through the gift of adoption.”

Location: Georgia

Ages: 39 and 39

Religion: Christian

Professions: Senior Experience Lead/Pharmacy Tech

Other Kids: None

Preferences: Caucasian, Either Gender, Newborn up to 10 years of age

How We Met: We met in the summer of 2002 when we were both working for a Chick-fil-A restaurant. We started dating in 2003 after being friends for a year and graduating high school. We both fell in love with each other’s whimsical personality and the fact that we could do just about anything and have the best time. We dated for a total of 5 years before becoming engaged in 2008. The proposal happened in the parking lot of a Taco Bell which doesn’t sound romantic but before we started dating, we went to the same Taco Bell on what Lisa considered to be a “test date.” It was only appropriate that if that was the start of our dating relationship, it would have to be the start of our engagement. We have been happily married since 2009 and our love continues to deepen each year.

Qualities We Love, Admire and Respect in Each Other: Christopher has an incredible sense of humor, easy going, and friendly. He enjoys developing future leaders and helping others pursue their dreams. His love of life and adventure is contagious. Lisa is empathetic, fun, and loving. We both support and encourage the other. We consider our marriage to be very solid and based not only on our love for each other, but our friendship that has helped us through difficult seasons.

Our Hobbies and Interests: We enjoy traveling throughout the year, especially to Florida and Walt Disney World. We enjoy spending time as a family playing board games, watching television, or sharing a meal. Christopher is a roller coaster enthusiast and will travel all over to ride new coasters. Lisa enjoys spending time with her friends and playing with their children. We also attend our weekly church service.

Why We Want to Adopt: Ever since we got married, we have desired to be parents. Over the course of many years, it became evident that having children biologically was not going to be possible. After several years of Lisa working as a social worker and seeing children who need loving homes, we felt God lay the plans for adoption into our hearts. After praying for the next step, it became clear that adoption was the path that God was calling us too all along. We are so excited to become parents through the gift of adoption.

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