Darrick and Emily - Ellen Kaplan Adoptions
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Darrick and Emily

“Our dreams include raising children in a home where individuality is welcomed, respect is given, faith is valued, education is important, love is abundant, and the laughs are never-ending.”

Location: Missouri

Ages: 34 and 34

Religion: Catholic

Professions: Event Planning/Cardiology Nurse Practitioner

Other Kids: 1 daughter (adopted)

Preferences: Any Race, Either Gender, Newborn up to 3 months

How We Met: We met while enjoying a karaoke night at a local sports bar with friends! Despite the terrible singing, at the end of the night Darrick asked for Emily’s phone number. We went on our first date shortly after that night. We quickly became inseparable due to our shared love for movies, pizza, concerts, and sporting events. Our relationship progressed quickly, and we had talks of our possible future, knowing we had found something special. We were engaged in 9 months and were married 15 months later, on an unseasonably warm Fall Day.

Qualities We Love, Admire and Respect in Each Other: Darrick is the most loyal, protective, loving, and caring husband and dad in the world. He is constantly working on something around the house and enjoys cooking and taking care of the lawn and landscaping. On a typical morning, you will find him making coffee, cooking breakfast, and packing our lunches for the day. He fiercely protects, loves, and cares for us each day. Emily is a caring, incredibly hard-working, loving, and dedicated wife and mom. She is incredibly smart and would do just about anything for anyone. We have been married for nine years and our faith, shared interests, humor, and communication help keep our marriage strong.

Our Hobbies and Interests: We love spending time together as a family! Our favorite activities include going to dinner (usually Mexican or Chick-fil-A), enjoying ice cream dates, BBQs with friends, attending or watching sporting events (especially the local college and our favorite professional football teams), swimming, and traveling. Vacations typically involve the beach and warm weather. Our daughter loves playing in the sand and swimming. We try to take an annual beach vacation with friends and family. We are adamant about spending quality time together celebrating our accomplishments, discussing our fears, and overcoming challenges as a family.

Why We Want to Adopt: We were initially led to adoption following our journey with infertility. When we first considered adoption, we felt that the right decision was to become foster parents to help parents and children in our community who needed extra love and support. Our path took a unique turn when we adopted our daughter from foster care at seven months old. We love that adoption is already part of our family’s story and that our daughter and a future child would have the opportunity to share their stories with each other. We look forward to teaching another child to talk, walk, and become a strong-willed child, just like our daughter. In adding to our family, we are excited about the amount of love we have to spill into another soul, the challenges, and watching our daughter become a big sister. Our dreams include raising children in a home where individuality is welcomed, respect is given, faith is valued, education is important, love is abundant, and the laughs are never-ending. We want our children to know they always have a place in our home and are safe to be exactly who they are.

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