Erik and Dana - Ellen Kaplan Adoptions
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Erik and Dana

“Our greatest wish is that your child will be deeply loved by both of us, and they will know how much their birth parents love them too.”

Location: Florida

Ages: 35 and 37

Religion: Christian/None

Professions: Analyst/Director of Programs

Other Kids: None

Preferences: Any Race, Either Gender, Newborn up to 10 years of age

How We Met: Our life together began in the spring of April 2016. We met on and our first date was at a local restaurant (that is sadly no longer there) and talked for 4 hours. If you knew Erik, this would make you laugh (he’s the shy, introvert of the relationship). We made our relationship official after date 2 – we just knew. We bought our house in August 2017 and began building our life together. In December 2018, Erik proposed at our favorite nature trail. I thought he was going to pass out he was so nervous – spoiler alert: he made it through. As we continued to grow closer, we realized that building a foundation for a family of our own was important to us. We were married in November 2019, in front of our close family and friends.

Qualities We Love, Admire and Respect in Each Other: If selfless was a person, that would be Dana. She is always putting others first and her thoughtfulness is something you rarely find in a person. She is the first person to make plans or think of gifts for others to make their day special. She always goes out of the way to make time for people. Although Erik is a quiet, introvert he always makes sure those around him know that he loves them. Once he gets to know someone better, he really opens up. He deeply cares about people and animals and always tries to do right by the people in his life.

Our Hobbies and Interests: We are an active family who loves animals and nature. We love to travel, explore new places and experience new adventures. Learning about different cultures is extremely important to us. We see a movie together every Sunday morning. We are annual passholders to Disney and visit our home away from home as often as possible. Erik has coached kid’s Pop Warner football for almost 18 years with his dad… We love spending time with family and friends – playing board games, talking, and learning, and finding new things to do in the city and in our community. Dana loves art and drawing and goes to painting classes when available.

Why We Want to Adopt: Dana’s aunt is adopted, and her grandparents always fostered children growing up – I always admired the relationships that formed along this journey and wanted this for myself. Erik has always wanted to be a dad and just wants to provide a nurturing, happy, fun home for a child. Our greatest wish is that your child will be deeply loved by both of us, and they will know how much their birth parents love them too.

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