Jason and Megan - Ellen Kaplan Adoptions
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Jason and Megan

“We’ve always wanted children to love, nurture, and encourage throughout their lives. After much prayer we decided adoption is the best route for us to grow our family.”

Location: Illinois but Living Abroad in Oman

Ages: 39 and 39

Religion: Christian

Professions: Entrepreneur/Consultant

Other Kids: None

Preferences: Caucasian/Hispanic/Asian, Either Gender, Newborn under 3 years of age

How We Met: We met Megan’s freshman year of college. Jason was a year older and was inviting new students to a Bible study he led in our dorm. After a year and a half of being good friends, we began dating and quickly realized that wherever life took us, we wanted to do it together.

Qualities We Love, Admire and Respect in Each Other: Jason is a hard worker with an incredible can-do attitude that helps him tackle any obstacle and learn any task. People love him and he makes friends everywhere he goes. Megan has a childlike heart to enjoy life and she’s always looking for fun opportunities and new experiences. She uses her gifts of organization and her ability to break crazy situations into small manageable pieces to foster a stable, healthy home even while living cross-culturally. We do life together as a team, supporting one another, and are committed to knowing, appreciating, and falling more in love year after year.

Our Hobbies and Interests: We have been living in Oman for 5 years and have been able to put down solid roots. We have a comfortable home, 2 cats, and many incredible supportive relationships. We enjoy the hundreds of miles of beautiful beaches and can be in the mountains in an hour drive. Life here is filled with kayaking, hiking, and climbing! Oman is ranked the 5th safest country in the world and is a great environment to raise young children. We have developed a life prioritizing and honoring our values of relationships and fun. We love traveling and investing in relationships, and living abroad opens endless opportunities to visit new countries and experience new cultures. In our free time, we enjoy board games, ultimate frisbee, exploring the outdoors, and living the active life. Our careers allow us to work semi-remotely so we spend summers in the US visiting family and playing with nieces and nephews.

Why We Want to Adopt: We have been married 16 years and have struggled with infertility for 12. We’ve always wanted children to love, nurture, and encourage throughout their lives. After much prayer we decided adoption is the best route for us to grow our family. We dream of days creating family traditions, decorating the Christmas tree, or taking annual snowboarding trips. We can’t wait to finally have before bed moments of tucking a child in, kissing them goodnight, and telling them how much they are loved.

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