Jeff and Sharita - Ellen Kaplan Adoptions
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Jeff and Sharita

“We want to adopt because we desire to add another child to our family. We love being parents and have so much more love to give to another child.”

Location: Pennsylvania

Ages: 40 and 34

Religion: Christian

Professions: Manager/Stay at home Mom

Other Kids: 3

Preferences: Caucasian/Hispanic/Bi-Racial/Asian, Either Gender, Newborn up to 12 months

How We Met: My wife and I first met at a mutual friend’s house. That evening I noticed how kind she was to everyone around her. And of course, I noticed how beautiful she was! We were both living in South Carolina for work, but we were originally from Pennsylvania. So, I invited her to ride back with me when I visited my family. I thought many hours spent driving would be a good way to get to know her, and it was! Eventually we started dating and dated for about 2 years. Some of our best dates were spent hiking in areas that had waterfalls (my wife loves waterfalls), exploring small towns and some cities, biking, boating, and finding authentic food.

Qualities We Love, Admire and Respect in Each Other: The things I admire about my wife more than anything else is how kind she is to the people around her and how she loves Jesus! She is also a gifted teacher and organizer. She makes delicious food for us to eat and always makes sure we are fed, clothed, and cared for. She is a committed Christian, and I’m so thankful she takes time to pray for me and our children. Jeff is very loyal and hands down my best friend. I know that no matter what happens, he will always be there for me. He always initiates working through misunderstandings and prioritizes our marriage. He takes caring for me and our children very seriously! He is very involved with our local church, and a lot of guys at church ask him for advice. Another thing I admire about him is that he is conscientious and quick to apologize. He is truly a Godly man, and it shows in the decisions that he makes every day.

Our Hobbies and Interests: A favorite activity of everyone in our family is camping together. We all love loading up the camper and setting out to explore a new state park. We also enjoy biking, hiking, swimming, and playing games together. Our children love helping me and Jeff with any sort of work we’re doing- making dinner, pulling weeds in the garden, or doing fix-it jobs around the house. We also love reading books together, spending time with our extended families, and having big birthday parties! Jeff and I love being parents, and our lives consist of loving and teaching our kids well in everything we do.

Why We Want to Adopt: We want to adopt because we desire to add another child to our family. We love being parents and have so much more love to give to another child. Our three children ask us often for another sibling, and they are thrilled with the thought of having a baby join our family. We’ve talked for years about adding to our family through adoption, and we believe that now is the time. We deeply respect and admire the bravery of birth moms, and we would be so honored to be chosen to care for your child.

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