Jeremy and Lindy - Ellen Kaplan Adoptions
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Jeremy and Lindy

“We know that our desire to be a family will be beautifully fulfilled and we could not be more excited!”

Location: Oklahoma

Ages: 34 and 31

Religion: Christian

Professions: Collision Center Manager/Homemaker

Other Kids: None

Preferences: Any Race, Either Gender, Newborn

How We Met: We met on a blind date! We were set up by one of Lindy’s friends and went with a group to a haunted house in October. Lindy was hesitant at first, having been set up a few times before and it hadn’t gone well. But from the second we met, we easily connected. Lindy was drawn to how respectful, easy-going, and loving Jeremy was. And Jeremy was attracted to how beautiful Lindy was and immediately knew that she was different in how she acted and carried herself. It didn’t take long for us to realize we were meant to be together.

Qualities We Love, Admire and Respect in Each Other: Lindy is loving, caring, and very outgoing! She is always very thoughtful, always thinking about how she can help others and she has a huge heart. She is a great listener and a good friend. Lindy is also committed to being the best wife and mother that she can be and has a strong faith. Jeremy is a quiet soul and is reserved when you first meet him. Once he opens up, he is so much fun! He is goofy and has a wonderful sense of humor. He will do anything for anyone. He is also incredibly dependable; when Jeremy gives you his word there is no second-guessing it. He is a hard worker and provider. He is also a nurturer and very compassionate. We have true respect for each other and during our relationship we have strived to be better for each other, giving each other love and grace, even during the difficult times.

Our Hobbies and Interests: We are very close with our extended family! Much of our free time is spent with them. We are also very involved with our Christian family. We attend worship and different activities with them on a regular basis. We also love to travel! We have enjoyed our time as just the two of us through many trips, but we cannot wait to add a child to our travel posse. Although it may look a little different, we still plan on continuing to see the world and show a child or children the vastness and beauty of God’s creation. This world is so big and there is so much out there: we are so excited to share that with our family!

Why We Want to Adopt: We have struggled with infertility issues for a few years now. We sought infertility treatment through a doctor and proceeded with that for as long as we were comfortable. Ultimately, we have realized that God’s will for us was leading us onto the path of adoption. For as long as Lindy can remember all she has wanted to be is a mom. Her main goal has been to have and raise a family. Jeremy has always had the desire to be a dad. To teach them about life and be a godly example. We know that our desire to be a family will be beautifully fulfilled and we could not be more excited!

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