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Joe and Jess

“We want to adopt because we love children and we would like to grow our family. We truly believe that love makes a family and we have plenty.”

Location: Pennsylvania

Ages: 36 and 38

Religion: Catholic

Professions: Medical Practice Manager/Physician Assistant

Other Kids: 1 son

Preferences: Any Race, Either Gender, Newborn up to 5 years of age

How We Met: We met in 2010 at our place of employment. I had been working there for 4 years. Joe’s mom had recently started working as our practice manager. She asked Joe to help part-time and fill in for some short-term absences. I noticed Joe in a meeting one day and enlisted several co-workers to help me get to know him. After a few weeks of covert missions, we eventually met up at a work function. We both really enjoyed talking to each other. We started to spend more and more time together and were inseparable. We fell in love because we complement each other so well. Joe is the calm to my crazy. He is the extrovert to my introvert. He is the reassurance to my worry. I am the organization to his chaos. I am the planner to his go with the flow. It became evident very early on that our relationship was going to last.

Qualities We Love, Admire and Respect in Each Other: Joe is so easy going. He is perfectly content without a plan. Sometimes the best days are the ones that aren’t scheduled down to the minute. He is creative. Whether he is making up a game to play or coming up with a quick-witted response, the things he comes up with are amazing. He is so good at maintaining a conversation with people and making the most introverted people feel comfortable. Jess is a strong woman who inspires many. Jess is grounded. She has always been a source of inspiration and motivation. Jess is the type of woman who knows what she wants and she goes for it. She perseveres through any obstacle to come out on top.

Our Hobbies and Interests: We spend a lot of time together as a family – local playgrounds, amusement parks, museums and live shows. We enjoy walks as a family and often end up on some sort of “adventure” exploring somewhere we haven’t been before. We try to do something every weekend such as indoor trampoline parks/climbing gyms, going to the pool, local attractions, etc… Joe’s sister lives very close to us and our son is great friends with his two cousins. We enjoy trips to Brigantine Beach where Joe’s parents live. We take a yearly trip to the Outer Banks, NC with our group of friends. We rent a different house every year with a pool and a short walk to the beach. We take a winter trip with the same group to indoor water parks or cabins in the Poconos. We try to stay active and have fun every day.

Why We Want to Adopt: We want to adopt because we love children and we would like to grow our family. We have discussed adoption at multiple times in our marriage. We became more serious about it after our 3 month old daughter passed away during a nap at the babysitter’s. We then struggled with infertility, became pregnant after several fertility treatments and then lost that pregnancy (another daughter) to premature birth at 16 weeks 2 days. We truly believe that love makes a family and we have plenty.

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