John and Alyssa - Ellen Kaplan Adoptions
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John and Alyssa

“We are very excited to have this opportunity to grow our family through adoption and we have so much love to give to a child.”

Location: Massachusetts

Ages: 37 and 37

Religion: Catholic

Professions: Teacher/Pathologists’ Assistant

Other Kids: None

Preferences: Caucasian/Bi-Racial, Either Gender, Newborn up to 6 months

How We Met: We met during college in 2003. We were introduced through a mutual friend and became close. We graduated in 2006 and returned to our hometowns in Massachusetts. A few months later, our paths crossed in Boston, and from there, we began dating.

Qualities We Love, Admire and Respect in Each Other: John is caring, understanding, organized, humble, and thorough. He loves playing the drums in his band and listening to music. He often can be found watching sports and likes to travel with Alyssa in his free time. Alyssa is fun, enthusiastic, thoughtful, and resilient. She loves traveling and exploring and is most happy helping other people. She loves to spend time with John and her family at their camp in New Hampshire. We are both very committed to our marriage and family and have learned that having a sense of humor is the key to life.

Our Hobbies and Interests: Our hobbies and interests include traveling and music; we love being able to travel in our free time and experience the food and culture of different places. Traveling helps us to step outside of our daily routines and enjoy the simplicity and beauty of the world. We both love music and can often be found listening to live bands around town. We find joy in creativity and spontaneous adventures.

Why We Want to Adopt: Over the past six years we have struggled to conceive. This has made our desire to be parents even stronger. We are very excited to have this opportunity to grow our family through adoption and we have so much love to give to a child. We are ready to be parents, and as part of our family, a child will be surrounded by a caring extended family and many thoughtful friends. They will be brought up with strong morals and values and will be able to lean on us for support.

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