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Matt and Greg

“Both of us love kids and have always wanted to be parents. We simply cannot wait to welcome a new baby into our home.”

Location: Maryland

Ages: 40 and 38

Religion: Jewish/Christian

Professions: Attorney/Stay-At-Home Dad

Other Kids: 1 daughter

Preferences: Any Race, Either Gender, Newborn up to 6 months

How We Met: It was a Friday evening in September 2011 when we were introduced by a mutual friend at a bar in DC. We spent the whole evening talking, and two nights later we went on our first date. It didn’t take long for us each to realize we had found the one. We tied the knot at our favorite vineyard in Virginia in November 2016. It was a beautiful, sunny, 70-degree day, and we were surrounded by our family and closest friends.

Qualities We Love, Admire and Respect in Each Other: Greg is too modest to say it himself, but he is an incredibly smart, funny, and talented guy. Greg graduated from college first in his class with two degrees, one in math and one in studio art. Greg is an amazing sculptor, and his pieces are on prominent display in our home. Greg is a thoughtful and dedicated husband, and he cares deeply about his family. Matt is easy-going and gets along with everyone. He truly values his family and friends, and he’s the one they turn to when they need advice or someone to talk to. Matt is intelligent and creative and a talented pianist. He works full-time as a lawyer, but he frequently works from home, so he’s able to spend lots of time with his family.

Our Hobbies and Interests: We are all about family, traditions, and adventure. We love the outdoors, and during the warmer months we can often be found on a hiking trail or at the beach. Every summer we take a trip to our favorite orchard to go peach picking. Board games are a passion for our family, and we love getting together with friends for game nights. We embrace every holiday to the fullest – especially Halloween. We’ve put together some amazing costumes over the years. Above all else, we love spending time with our family. Whether it’s vacationing in Florida or snuggled up on the couch at home, our favorite place to be is in each other’s company.

Why We Want to Adopt: Both of us love kids and have always wanted to be parents. We have seven nieces and nephews, and we have loved being involved in their lives as they grow up. Adopting a newborn girl in 2018 was life changing for us. Now that a few years have passed, we feel the time is right to bring a second child into our family. Our daughter could not be more thrilled about the prospect of a baby brother or sister. And we are fortunate to have a close network of extended family and friends that love and support us as we plan to expand our family. We simply cannot wait to welcome a new baby into our home.

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