Naomi - Ellen Kaplan Adoptions
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“I have more love for my adopted son than space in my heart. That’s how I know my capacity to love is limitless and I would like nothing more than to adopt one more child.”

My Location: Florida

Age: 48

Religion: Jewish/Spiritual

Profession: Attorney

Other Kids: 1 son

Preferences: Caucasian/Bi-Racial/Hispanic/Asian, Newborn up to 1 month

Why I Haven’t Married:  Hi! I am a single mom of an adopted 3-year-old boy, Benji. I have never been married. Being a mom was always something I envisioned from a young age. Being married was not. It always seemed like something that would make sense to me in the future, but that future never came. I have much younger sisters who probably are part of the reason why I wanted so deeply to be a parent, more than I wanted to marry someone just to make parenthood happen. I also have older siblings and a huge extended family. My life has always been full of love in many forms, including relationships with family, friends, my son, and hopefully soon a new child.

Qualities Others Love, Admire and Respect About Me: I am very bubbly and fun, but I am also very serious and hard working. In the last few years, people have commented on how well I juggle being a single mom and a boss. When Benji goes to school, I have my nose to the grindstone. I am a lawyer and the owner of a small law firm. At the end of a workday, I drop everything to pick Benji up from school, and from there it is nothing but family fun in the evenings and on weekends. As a kid (and, well, as a young adult too) I was always the one causing mischief at family events – I probably learned that from my grandma! But I am also the one who works incredibly hard, and I can’t wait to teach my children a strong work ethic and financial literacy in the future when we’re not too busy having dance parties and being silly.

My Hobbies and Interest: Physical and spiritual health are very important to me. That means I exercise and eat right, take deep breaths, and generally try to be healthy and peaceful. Every morning I do a short yoga and strength training session. Benji has his own yoga mat and weightless dumbbells, and he chooses whether to copy me or just watch me while he eats his breakfast. We always have music on, and morning workouts are where the dance parties usually happen! On weekends, when we are not at one of Benji’s activities like soccer or swimming, we like to go to different farmers markets. We always buy fruits and veggies, but we can’t resist the empanadas and other fun foods too. I love to cook, which I learned from my amazing grandma. We have a kitchen tower at home so Benji can reach the counter and cook with me. My hobbies outside of being a mom are mostly crafty, like making jewelry and my attempts at nail art.

Why I Want to Adopt: Ever since I was a little girl, I wanted a big family. I always wanted a tribe of kids. I also wanted a career and to be financially independent before starting a family. It just took me a little longer than I thought it would. Now that I’ve accomplished the career and have one child, I want nothing more than to have just one more. Adopting Benji is the best thing I ever did. I have more love for him than space in my heart. That’s how I know my capacity to love is limitless. He loves other kids and babies too, and I know he will be a great big brother. Your child will have unconditional love and so much more. I thank you from the bottom of my heart for considering us.

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