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Ryan and Noble

“We’ve watched our family thrive, survive, and grow these past two years—so we know we are ready to bring a new baby into our family.”

Location: Illinois

Ages: 33 and 41

Religion: Christian

Professions: Mental Health Therapist/Consultant

Other Kids: 1 (adopted)

Preferences: Any Race, Either Gender, Newborn up to 6 months

How We Met: We met on a kickball field in September 2015 not far from where we currently live. Noble had been on 41 first dates at that point in the year and was frustrated that he couldn’t meet someone like Ryan, who was in a relationship at the time. Fast forward 3 months, and we were a couple—both thinking separately: “wow, this is what I’ve been missing all these years.” Someone who’s kind, motivated, hard-working, caring, and handsome! A year later, Noble proposed to Ryan on a surprise trip to Paris (which had been a dream trip for Ryan) on New Year’s Eve. Cheesy, yes, but hey, that’s us! In 2020, after weathering the height of the pandemic and maintaining our sanity through intense periods of work for us both, we had the crazy idea to start our family. We observed ourselves grow stronger as a couple, partners, and knew that it meant we were ready to grow our team! We were fortunate to match with a birth mother in July 2021, who was expecting a baby girl in late October. Isabella Rose (“Isa”) arrived a bit early in late September, and we have loved every minute of being dads to our little girl.

Qualities We Love, Admire and Respect in Each Other: From Noble’s vantage point: “Ryan is the most caring and generous person I know. As a therapist, he spends his days guiding clients through their troubles. But he takes the same thoughtful approach with our friends, with me, and now with Isa. He will drop everything to help someone in need—this support has been invaluable in our marriage and in our lives as parents.” From Ryan’s vantage point: “Noble is an intelligent, passionate, and driven man. He loves adventure and to try new things – getting antsy when we don’t have our next trip planned and coming up with crazy ideas (Taylor Swift in London?!). When I met him, my world opened up. He has introduced me to so much of life through travel, food, culture, and fitness that I would not have explored before I met him. He has enticed me to step out of my comfort zone and into a world of color.”

Our Hobbies and Interests: We LOVE living in the city and so close to Lake Michigan! As soon as the temperatures rise, we spend our weekends outdoors with Isa walking through the various neighborhoods, going to parks, the lake front, or enjoying the different outdoor patios to experience all that Chicago has to offer! Noble enjoys gardening (flowers and veggies), running along the lakefront trail, and playing with LEGOs. Ryan enjoys baking new and exciting desserts weekly and reading by the fire. Together, we are both fitness enthusiasts and try to consistently exercise – Noble has even convinced Ryan to train for his first half-marathon this spring, which we are training for together and can’t wait for Isa and our friends to cheer us on! We’re also a very music-oriented family: while Ryan loves to find live concerts for us to go to together, and we are constantly playing music in the home to start our own little dance parties with Isa.

Why We Want to Adopt: As a couple, we agreed that we needed to be emotionally and financially prepared before adopting our first daughter. After six years of marriage and 2 with Isa, we have learned so much about ourselves and how to handle the ebbs and flows of parenting. We’re committed to welcoming a second child in our loving and tight-knit family. Given that we are unable to have our own children naturally, adoption is an incredible option for us to live out our dreams. It is such a huge responsibility, as we understand we are being entrusted with a very precious gift. We’ve watched our family thrive, survive, and grow these past two years—so we know we are ready to bring a new baby into our family.

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