Sara - Ellen Kaplan Adoptions
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“I have been called motherly and nurturing since I was very young, and have always known in my heart that I would make a good Mom.”

My Location: New Jersey

Age: 50

Religion: Christian/Protestant

Profession: Professor/Consultant

Other Kids: None

Preferences: Any Race, Either Gender, Newborn up to 3 years of age

Why I Haven’t Married:  I have been very lucky in life, having fallen in love four times with amazing people who are still friends of mine, but none of these relationships evolved into marriage (although one got close!). My belief is that there are many ways to experience loving relationships and many ways to love people in a lifetime, and they do not have to include marriage. That said, if I were to meet the right person, I would be very open to marriage at any age. I do believe a healthy relationship requires a commitment to be faithful to one’s partner and I have many married friends who serve as wonderful models of this.

Qualities Others Love, Admire and Respect About Me: Friends and family describe me as fun, loving, free-spirited, empathetic, intellectually curious (about everything), kind, loyal and trustworthy, with a deep sense of integrity and commitment to truth. My best friends describe me as passionate, active, and fiercely devoted to creating a better world. My academic colleagues hold up my ability to see the value in every student and always seek and celebrate the beauty in the world. My Friends respect my honesty, open-mindedness, creativity, sense of responsibility for community and the earth, and how I challenge systems of oppression with courage and faith, trusting that justice combined with love, always wins over ignorance and fear.

My Hobbies and Interest:  I have always been very active, as a skier, triathlete (swim, bike, run) and avid hiker. My favorite sport is road biking. As a certified yoga teacher (Ashtanga Vinyasa), I taught yoga for several years in France and continue to teach on occasion to my students, friends and community members. I have also been a singer since childhood, performing in a Blues band for several years in my early twenties, and recorded songs with bands in Senegal and Europe. I sing whenever and wherever I can! It brings me joy and lightens up every day. I’ve seen it work as a universal language. I play piano and started learning violin. Cooking is core to my life too and I love to host dinners and prepare meals for friends.

Why I Want to Adopt: I have been called motherly and nurturing since I was very young, and have always known in my heart that I would make a good Mom because I love all babies and kids regardless of their temperament, skin color, gender, abilities, or backgrounds. My life has been very nomadic but always surrounded by children and opportunities to care for them. Now that I am settled down, I get to share my global perspective and nurturing heart with whatever little person is placed with me as an adoptive Mom.

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