Todd and Abigail - Ellen Kaplan Adoptions
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Todd and Abigail

“Adoption offers us a chance to realize our dreams of expanding our family while giving a child a life filled with adventure and a bright future.”

Location: Vermont

Ages: 39 and 46

Religion: Jewish/Christian

Professions: Product Manager/Self-Employed

Other Kids: 1 daughter

Preferences: African American/Hispanic/Bi-Racial, Either Gender, Newborn

How We Met: We were introduced in 2013 by friends while Abigail was on a ski vacation in Vermont, where Todd was living. We began a whirlwind romance and within a few short weeks we knew that we were meant for each other. Our love was tested by the fact that Abigail owned a business in New York and Todd worked at a ski academy in Vermont – nine hours apart. The long-distance relationship forced us to spend a lot of time talking on the phone and we both sacrificed to travel and be with each other. We were married in 2015 in the town where we met and in 2016 we welcomed Maisie into our lives, through a beautiful adoption story.

Qualities We Love, Admire and Respect in Each Other: Abigail pours her heart into everything she does and manages to make running her business, tending to the needs of our family, and handling any challenges we face, look easy. Todd has the most extraordinary ability to fix or build anything and finds a tremendous sense of satisfaction from being able to see a project through to completion whether something small like building a swing set for Maisie or renovating an entire room in our house.

Our Hobbies and Interests: We live in a community that is centered on outdoor life and is overflowing with activities for children – in the winter there is skiing, sledding right in our yard, and skating. In the summer we swim in the local river, play in any of the surrounding parks – including on our own swing set in our yard – and hike any number of local trails. We have a shared belief that the best gifts are experiences not things…and while we love to travel with Maisie, the pandemic has brought that to a halt, but we look forward to future family travels all over the globe.

Why We Want to Adopt: Before we even realized that we were not able to give birth to a child, we always knew we wanted adoption to be a part of how we grew our family. Adoption offers us a chance to realize our dreams of expanding our family while giving a child a life filled with adventure and a bright future. Having grown up with siblings, we both know how treasured those relationships are and we want so much for Maisie to have the opportunity to love a sibling as we love ours.

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