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Tony and Jennifer

“We are two very giving, loving people that together will give a child a beautiful, happy, healthy, loving, stable home to grow and prosper.”

Location: Florida

Ages: 50 and 48

Religion: Catholic/Jewish and Catholic

Professions: Technician/Jewelry Designer, Retail

Other Kids: None

Preferences: Caucasian/Hispanic/Asian, Either Gender, Newborn up to 1 year of age

How We Met: We met in 2017 and it was truly a “love at first sight” moment. We have been inseparable and incredibly happy ever since. Our relationship is so strong because we have great respect and adoration for each other. We are supportive of each other in everything we do. We make decisions together on what will emotionally support us first and foremost. We are both patient people and are always generous and thoughtful to one another. We have been lucky to have met each other, fall in love, and get married, and so far, it has been as close to a fairytale as we could have hoped. The final piece of our fairytale is still missing, and that is to have a family of our own.

Qualities We Love, Admire and Respect in Each Other: Jennifer leads with her thoughtfulness. She goes above and beyond when caring for her friends and her family. She listens with devotion and offers genuine compassion and empathy when called for. She has a great sense of humor and can deliver a joke just at the right moment, when you need a good laugh. Jennifer is the warmest, kind, patient, and generously giving woman that I know. She is the type of person who would give you her entire heart if she could. Tony is strong, confident, generous, patient, and very funny. He exudes a sweetness and appreciates people for who they are. He has a genuine love of learning. I’m still in awe of all the knowledge he retains and how quickly he can solve any math problem in his head. Most importantly, he is always there, by my side, supporting me in achieving the goals I set out to do and what we look to achieve together. Being a dad is on the top of his list and being there to support and encourage a future child in being who they want to be as they grow into an adult.

Our Hobbies and Interests: Jennifer has a very down-to-earth personality and a creative soul. My wife is beautiful, very funny, and a natural artist. She loves to paint, draw, and create the loveliest artwork. She has dedicated her career around her creativity as a successful jewelry designer. Tony is great at cooking! He can’t wait to have a little apprentice chef to be by his side. He often treats me by making my favorite Chicken Marsala. He enjoys gardening and recently planted fresh basil, red peppers, a cherry tree, and mandarin tree in our garden. And don’t let me forget, he enjoys a good game of football.

Why We Want to Adopt: Our path to being parents has been challenging, but we are wholeheartedly, optimistic, and positive that the day is soon to come. It took some time for us to emotionally accept we cannot have a child biologically. We always believed that we would be parents and have a family one day. We looked forward to it and it seemed it would easily happen when it was time. However, once we realized it wasn’t happening naturally, nor through the challenge of numerous and unsuccessful attempts with IVF, we have still not given up. As we now look back at that period of time and can see how we learned and grew from our experience, we see that the universe has just pointed us in a new, wonderful direction towards parenthood. This realization and acceptance have made it clear, what adoption means to us. We have been given a new perspective on the bright future we always wished to share with a child. We are two very giving, loving people that together will give a child a beautiful, happy, healthy, loving, stable home to grow and prosper. We know undoubtedly, we will love your child unconditionally. You would be giving us the gift of parenthood. In return, we promise to create a safe, loving home for your baby. We will fill your child’s life with the same love and warmth each of our parents gave to us growing up.

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