Wiley and Amy - Ellen Kaplan Adoptions
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Wiley and Amy

“After many prayers, God’s plan for us started to become clear. Together, with profound faith, we decided to move forward with adoption.”

Location: Colorado

Ages: 50 and 41

Religion: Christian and Catholic

Professions: Medical Sales/Medical Sales

Other Kids: None together

Preferences: Caucasian/Hispanic/Bi-Racial, Either Gender, Newborn

How We Met: We met in July 2012 at dinner with mutual friends and it didn’t take long before we noticed each other. Our conversation lasted until the restaurant was about to close. That night marked the beginning of our life together. Two and a half years later Wiley proposed in front of a Christmas tree by a cozy fire in December 2014. We have been married now for 7 beautiful years. Throughout this time, God continues to be our foundation and strength. Our faith in Him drives our commitment to each other.

Qualities We Love, Admire and Respect in Each Other: Wiley is a man of God, a natural protector, and a loving husband. His humor keeps me laughing all the time! What I admired about him the most is his sense of calm, level of optimism and resilience. Amy is a smart, friendly, and generous woman. I respect her ability to show empathy for others, especially for her family and close friends. I admire that it comes natural to her to create meaningful, lasting relationships and love deeply.

Our Hobbies and Interests: Living in Colorado has provided us with the opportunity to enjoy nature. We make it a priority to enjoy the mountains in any way we can. This includes hiking, snowboarding, skiing, or spending a long weekend in a nearby mountain town. We both value exercise. Wiley enjoys practicing Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu and Amy enjoys strength training and conditioning. When it’s time to relax, catching up on a good series or watching a movie is top of the list. In the fall, we enjoy watching football together and even going to a couple of games. We like the NFL, but nothing excites us more than college football.

Why We Want to Adopt: Wiley has 2 sons from his previous marriage. Baylor was 9 years old, and Bryson was 6 years old when we started dating. Once we were married, we had the opportunity to start parenting together so we felt it was important to focus our time bonding as a family. When it was time to add to our family, we learned it would not be easy as we both would need to have medical procedures to increase our chances of conceiving. When we were presented with our fertility treatment options, our desire to explore adoption intensified. After many prayers, God’s plan for us started to become clear. Together, with profound faith, we decided to forgo fertility treatments and move forward with adoption.

Amy: Having a child with Wiley is a dream I long to fulfill. My stepsons are a huge blessing, and I’m so glad God chose me to be their stepmom. But my heart yearns for a child of our own to raise and love together. And although Baylor and Bryson are now young adults and not living with us, I am so excited that a child will have two wonderful big brothers that are ready to express a tremendous amount of love and joy for their new sibling.

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