Zack and Jessica - Ellen Kaplan Adoptions
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Zack and Jessica

“We both love being parents and our life is family focused. We can’t wait to add a child to our family and for our daughter to have a sibling.”

Location: Virginia

Ages: 33 and 33

Religion: Christian-Methodist

Professions: Sales Manager/Part-time Admin

Other Kids: 1 daughter (adopted)

Preferences: Caucasian/Bi-Racial, Either Gender, Newborn up to 1 year of age

How We Met: We met at college in 2010. We met through mutual friends and soon fell for each other. Our first date consisted of ice cream and hours upon hours of talking. Soon after graduation, we moved into our first apartment together and rescued our lab/boxer mix named Tucker. He’s the sweetest dog, who loves to hold hands and give puppy kisses. We got married in 2015 during a hurricane! It was stressful to say the least but one of the most amazing days.

Qualities We Love, Admire and Respect in Each Other: Zack is a humble, hard-working, dedicated father and husband. He and our daughter Aubrey go out for donuts every Saturday morning. They both cherish this time and look forward to it every week! He makes our family feel safe and cared for. He gives us the confidence to take on the world and achieve big things while staying grounded. Jessica has it in her core to care about others and puts others before herself. We feel very supported by her. She is a great communicator and people person. She can have a conversation with anyone.

Our Hobbies and Interests: We are a very active family. We love to go on walks with the pups and explore new places. Sports are a major part of our lives. We are Syracuse Orange, Dallas Cowboys, New York Yankees, and Washington Capitals fans. Aubrey participates in different athletic activities (soccer, gymnastics, swim, and dance) so on any given weekend we are running from one event to another. We also enjoy spending quiet time as a family watching movies together, having family dinners and just sitting down and talking on our back patio. We both love being parents and our life is family focused.

Why We Want to Adopt: If Jessica were to get pregnant, it would be incredibly high-risk for both her and the baby. The medication that she’s on can cause many birth defects and abnormalities. Adoption has been on Jess’s heart since the age eight years old. When we were falling in love during college, we discussed our future and decided that we wouldn’t have children naturally. We adopted our baby girl, Aubrey in 2019. We can’t wait to add a child to our family and for our daughter to have a sibling! We know she will be the BEST big sister.

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