Sean & Fay

, Sean and Fay

“We were so blessed with the adoption of our son in 2014.  We knew right away we wanted to continue to grow our family through adoption.

Location: North Carolina

Ages: 51 and 49

Religion: Catholic/Christian

Professions: Valent/Consulting

Other Kids: 1 boy

Preferences: Any Race, Either Gender, Infant  

How We Met: We met when Fay was visiting Seattle, Washington to attend an exhibit on natural horse training.  We clicked from the very start and it wasn’t long before we became a couple.  We have been married over 14 years and have built a solid relationship.

Qualities We Love, Admire and Respect in Each Other:  Sean (through Fay’s eyes) is an incredibly supportive and caring husband who always puts family first.  His job is very family friendly and he has lots of time off for activities, doctor’s appointments and travel.  He is a very dedicated dad who loves playing hide and seek as well as reading books and building monster trucks with Legos.  I know he can’t wait for another child to love. Fay (through Sean’s eyes) is the ultimate mom who is athletic, energetic and has a loving and compassionate nature. Fay is self employed and sets her own schedule so she can spend as much time as possible with our son Benjamin.  She loves Saturday cartoons, playing with toy race cars and blowing bubbles for our son to play with.  I know she will be so happy to welcome another child into our family.

Our Hobbies and InterestsOur family is very active every day.  We love to travel and experience new adventures such as museums and aquariums. We spend lots of time outside each day in nature which allows us to enjoy each season and share new discoveries with Benjamin.  Our backyard has transformed to a green space for playing soccer, throwing a ball or flying a kite as well as a trike path for the big wheel, bikes and chalk activities.  We also enjoy spending lots of time at the barn with the horses and animals.  At home we spend our quiet time as a family playing Legos, reading, listening and dancing to music and working on projects together. We both love being parents and our life is family focused.

Why We Want to Adopt:  We have always known that we wanted to have a large family. However, after many years of trying we learned we couldn’t have any biological children due to a rare genetic condition causing Sean to have congenital absence of vas deferens. We were so blessed with the adoption of our son in 2014.  We knew right away we wanted to continue to grow our family through adoption.  We are amazed at the joy we feel as parents and are looking forward to welcoming our next child into our lives.