Seth & Marni

Your child will grow up in a home built on strong values: kindness, honesty, tradition, learning and joy.

Location: Illinois

Ages: 34 and 31

Religion: Jewish

Professions: Attorney/Non-Profit

Other Kids: 1 son (adopted at birth)

Preferences: Any Race, Either Gender, Newborn up to 6 months

How We Met: We met through Marni’s sister at a dinner party in Chicago in 2011. Seth was interested in Marni but she wasn’t too sure about him. Before long though, he won her over with his silly jokes and charm. We’ve been inseparable ever since! At first, Seth was attracted to Marni’s feisty personality and spontaneous nature and Marni liked Seth’s wit and wisdom and how comfortable she felt around him. We could talk for hours, laughing and having fun. But we also connected on a deeper level of shared values and learned that we wanted to spend our lives together.

Qualities We Love, Admire and Respect in Each Other: Marni is incredibly thoughtful and generous, super organized, and the best friend Seth has ever had. She is always on the lookout for ways to brighten someone’s day, whether with a home-cooked meal, a smile, or just a kind word. She’s also cool under pressure, strong when called to act, and fiercely protective of those she loves. These are some of the things that make her such a wonderful mom to Ari: she takes the sweetest care of him, is decisive when needed, and makes him delicious food. Seth is one of the most thoughtful and kind people Marni knows. He has an enormous capacity for love and is fully devoted to the things and people he cares about. He is extremely curious and he loves to explore and have fun. These are some of the traits make him an amazing father to Ari: he is patient and compassionate, he can play and have fun with Ari for hours, and he makes up the best songs and stories.

Our Hobbies and Interests: We love to travel together and family traditions are important opportunities for us to take a break from our daily routine and to spend time doing something fun and different. Marni loves hiking in the woods, cooking healthy meals, spending time with friends, singing and playing music, bike riding, and visiting farmers markets. Seth enjoys playing soccer, throwing a baseball or frisbee in the park, long road trips, swimming in lakes and rivers, or just reading a good book. Ari’s favorite activities are smiling at people, digging in dirt, hugging his friends and stuffed animals, eating pickles, reading books, throwing a ball or pinecone, being goofy, and seeing friends.

Why We Want to Adopt: Due to medical risks for Marni, we’ve chosen to build our family through adoption. Our son Ari came to us through adoption and we feel so blessed that he joined our family. He has expanded our hearts and we have so much love to give. We are ready for our family to grow and Ari would love being a big brother. We are committed to working hard at being the best parents we possibly can be to an additional child. As part of our family, your child will be surrounded by our large and loving families and many kind and caring friends. He or she will be raised in a diverse city with lots of opportunities. Your child will grow up in a home built on strong values: kindness, honesty, tradition, learning and joy.