Steve & Anne

, Steve and Anne

“Adoption is the absolute greatest gift of love that could ever be given or received.

Location:  Iowa

Ages: 42 and 39

Religion: Christian

Professions: Sales/Claims Representative

Other Kids: 1 daughter

Preferences: Any Race, Either Gender, Infant

How We Met: Steve’s sister set us up on a blind date.  For our first date we went to dinner and a movie.  The next day Steve sent roses to Anne while she was at work.  Right from there, we both knew that there was a spark.  

Qualities We Love, Admire and Respect in Each Other:  Anne’s strengths lie in her outgoing personality, multi-tasking and her dedication to our community service and volunteerism. She has an ability to persevere despite whatever obstacles are placed in front of her. Anne loves being involved with multiple charities to raise money for the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society and Gilda’s Club for cancer patients and their families. Anne believes in giving back whenever possible to those in need. She is definitely the glue that holds our family and friends together. She wears her heart on her sleeve and is an amazing individual. Steve’s strengths are his strong work ethic and his desire to do his best at any task – whether it’s at home doing special projects around the house or for work. His dedication to his career has yielded outstanding accomplishments and provided us with additional vacation opportunities that we appreciate. Steve is very selfless; he will help anyone, anytime.  Together as a couple we believe that family comes first.  We enjoy having fun and do not sweat the small stuff.  We believe that everything happens for a reason, and that we should lead each day with a prayer. We are still ridiculously in love – over the moon and back again for one another, every day. 

Our Hobbies and Interests:  We find ourselves to be an active and fun family.  During the summer, we love to go to our local drive-in movie theater. We pack up our car with an air mattress, blankets and snacks.  We also enjoy swimming at Anne’s parent’s house, traveling to water parks, spending time at our family cabin in Michigan, and shopping for the best fudge on Mackinac Island. During the winter, Christmas and Thanksgiving play a huge role in our home. Because of the size of our families, we celebrate both holidays in two days; the day before and the day of. We believe that family is important and want to get as much time in as we possibly can together.. On Sundays, we attend church with our friends and cook chili – a traditional family recipe on Steve’s side of the family, while watching football.  We also enjoy all kinds of board games such as Scrabble, Yahtzee & Chutes and Ladders. We love our family fun nights – whether it’s going out for dinner or shopping for a new toy for Aubree, it is very important that we spend time as a family. We look forward to building our family and continue to our family traditions, such as carving pumpkins, baking Christmas cookies and eating dinner as a family nightly, while talking about our day.  

Why We Want to Adopt:  Adoption is the absolute greatest gift of love that could ever be given or received.  We believe all children are unique and have a special life story to tell, whether they are adopted or not. We have so much love to offer to another child.  We promise your child will be raised to always know of your love and sacrifice. Their story will be woven into their hearts from the very beginning; it will be treasured and celebrated. We embrace adoption and we feel it is important for your child to know how very much you love him/her, and to be proud of their adoption story. We know that growing our family through adoption is the only option for us.  We have already experienced the tremendous amount of love adoption provides a family, like ours, with our sweet Aubree.  We hope to grow our family again through adoption and Aubree is just as excited as we are!