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You are not alone.

Women of all racial backgrounds, economic status, ages and religions place children for adoption.

Adoptive Parents: What to Know, What to Expect

We believe that adoption should be a caring experience for both adoptive parents and birth mothers. Our purpose is to simplify a complex situation, making it the most enjoyable, self-gratifying and life-changing event one can ever experience.

Adoption is a glorious way to begin or add to a family.  You know this because you are wanting to become adoptive parents.  What you may not know is it can be a complicated legal process, requiring an adoption expert to provide knowledgeable guidance and counsel irrespective of the type of adoption you are pursuing.

Become an Adoptive Parent

The decision to adopt a child is one of the most rewarding, exciting and fulfilling moments for any family.  An important step is creating your “Adoption Profile,” telling your story to birth mothers who want to know why they should select your family to adopt their baby.  It’s a sad reality that there are far more adoptive parents than available children so it’s critical that your profile stands out. We can guide you through this important process helping you create a powerful and persuasive story.

Florida Adoptions may be handled by either a licensed child-placing agency (agency adoption) or by a private attorney or intermediary (private placement adoption). Ellen M. Kaplan Adoptions and Family Law, P.A. provides private placement adoption services which, upon match with an expectant mother and unlike an agency adoption, represents you, the adopting parent throughout the legal proceedings. No matter which type of adoption you are pursuing, whether through an agency or private placement adoption attorney, proper legal advice is essential

Learn as much as you can about Adoption and Adoption Law

There are many good books on adoption as well as adoption related websites that provide general information on the adoption process. You will also learn about Adoptions in Florida, Florida Adoption Law and our office procedures during your initial consultation.

Your Profile Book

After your initial interview and consultation, we will help create your Adoption Profile Book comprising non-identifying information such as your age, income, occupation, education, religion, length of time married, whether you already have children, hobbies and interests, and pictures to share with expectant birth parents. It is very important the pictures reflect your life and lifestyle, family, home, activities and hobbies, vacations and family outings, pets. In short, pictures showing you and your family living and enjoying life. Birth mothers/parents want to know everything about you and see a happy, loving, stable home. You are asking them to entrust their child to your permanent care; they deserve nothing less.

Have a Favorable Home Study Completed by a Licensed Home Study Provider in Your State

Prior to the baby being placed in your home, you must have a favorable home study completed by a licensed home study provider in the state where you reside. If the home study is not favorable, we cannot proceed with placement. We would be more than happy to give you a recommendation for a licensed home study provider in your area.

Child Placement

After Birth, the Baby will be Placed in your Home following Execution of Final Consents for Adoption and Hospital Discharge

If you reside outside the State of Florida, you must remain in Florida with the child until Interstate Compact in both Florida and your home state approve the placement (approximately 10-14 days). Following placement, we begin proceedings to terminate the parental rights of the birth parent(s). During this time, your home study provider will provide the required post-placement supervision for a period of 90 days. After 90 days, if the court has terminated the parental rights of the birth parent(s) and your home study provider has issued a favorable recommendation, we proceed with finalizing your adoption.

Final hearing on your adoption takes about 10 minutes and you and the baby are required to attend. (If you reside outside the State of Florida we will ask the court’s permission for you to attend the hearing via Zoom to avoid travel back to Florida for the proceeding.) Once the adoption is finalized, the baby’s original birth record will be sealed and an amended birth certificate issued reflecting you as the child’s legal parents

Selection Timeframe and Costs

Birth mothers who contact our office are shown profiles of Hopeful Adoptive Parents and get the opportunity to select the adoptive parents (t) they feel are/is the best match for them and their child. Since the expectant birth mother or birth parents select the family, we cannot guarantee you will be selected or matched, nor can provide an estimate of how long the selection process will take. Some families may be profiled for a month or two, while others may be profiled for a year or more. The timeline is entirely dependent on whether the birth mother/parents believe your family is the right match and the time required to decide.

Adoptions vary in cost due to the legal services required to complete the adoption as well as the medical and living necessities of the birth mother. Most of our adoptions range from $18,000.00 to approximately $42,000.00. Birth mothers contacting our office are oftentimes in a crisis situation and need immediate help (facing eviction, little or no food, utilities shut off, car repossession, etc.). If we are unable to aid within a day or two, the birth mother will most likely go to another source for help. It is critically important that when we reach out about a prospective match that you can make a quick decision and have the resources to help with immediate needs. Under Florida law, the prospective adoptive parents may assist the birth mother with reasonable living and medical expenses incurred during the pregnancy and for up to six weeks following delivery. Reasonable living expenses are considered rent, food, utilities, transportation, and clothing. Most birth mothers need some type of financial assistance. Additionally, most birth mothers do not have private medical insurance. If she doesn’t qualify for Medicaid, you may be responsible for her prenatal care, hospitalization, and delivery costs.

One-on-One Support

“When I am with an expecting mother, I am there for her from the moment she calls and provide her with personal guidance and emotional support. I am non-judgmental no matter what or how heavy the situation may be. I get to know her personally and always try and develop a genuine close relationship with her. I give all of my expectant/birth mothers the respect and support they deserve during what can be a difficult time in their lives. You can count on me to be there for you throughout the entire experience and beyond.”

-Maggy, Adoption Case Manager
Adoption Support Services

There are some risks in adoption that we will discuss with you, in depth, at the time of your initial consultation. We are here for you!

“…these ladies make the experience much easier.”

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