Udo & Manuela

A child would be the most beautiful, greatest and most valuable gift we could ever have in our lives.”

Location: Florida

Ages: 51 and 48

Religion: Catholic

Professions: Business Owner/Stay-at-home wife

Other Kids: None

Preferences: Any Race, Either Gender, Newborn up to 3 years of age

How We Met: We actually met at a blind date dinner with our friends. They arranged this so cleverly that we only found out about it when we became a couple. Our blind date was wonderful. Right from the start we got along well and we spent the whole evening together. We hardly slept that night. We met the very next day and immediately fell in love. Was it love at first sight? Yes, it was. Since then we have been inseparable and enjoy our little shared adventures, which are called life, together. We both could no longer imagine a life without the other and are happy that our love for one another has strengthened so much over the years. We are very proud of our longstanding relationship. We are still grateful to our friends for this wonderful idea and still wonder how they could have guessed that we would be a good match…

Qualities We Love, Admire and Respect in Each Other: Manuela is very sociable and likes to get to know new people. She is a warm and caring person, often very spontaneous and likes to make people happy. She is funny, likes to laugh, also at herself. She is creative and always has new ideas. She is also very down to earth and known as a problem solver. Udo is friendly and very balanced. He is responsible, can make good decisions and is very dedicated. He is a very trustworthy person, has a good reputation and is always reliable and helpful. He is very relaxed and people feel good around him. Our love has always been on a healthy and solid foundation, such as loyalty, respect, tolerance, understanding and care. We laugh and cry together, share our worries and problems and always find mutual understanding. We basically make all decisions together and we always give ourselves space for independence, creativity and development. We are proud that our love has a strong base and is unshakable. We look forward every morning to the rest of our lives together.

Our Hobbies and Interests: We live a healthy and down-to-earth lifestyle in beautiful SW Florida. We own a single-family house on a large property in a quiet and  peaceful neighborhood outside the city and we love to call it “home”.  With sun all year round, we love to work in our garden or spend our free time being outdoors exploring Florida’s nature and wildlife. We like to go to the Zoo and the Botanical Garden as well as taking weekend trips in our small camper visiting the parks and beaches all over Florida. Our hobbies include cycling, hiking, kayaking, swimming, snorkeling and, of course, spending evenings on our favorite beach watching the sunset.

Why We Want to Adopt: Over the past few years we have had several fertility treatments with no results. We have accepted not having a child biologically but the desire for a child to love and raise still remains. Adoption has always been an alternative for us from the start and we have never doubted that adoption could  be our path to building a family. We would love to share our lives with a child.  A child would be the most beautiful, greatest and most valuable gift we could ever have in our lives. We look forward to loving, taking care of, protecting, educating, explaining the world, and making many memories with a child.