Answers for Unwanted Pregnancy

What are the benefits of choosing adoption for my baby?

 So you’ve gotten the news- you’re expecting. If you’re feeling anxious, curious and just plain torn on what choice to make regarding your pregnancy, don’t worry, there are options. Many women find themselves confused and lacking knowledge of the benefits of choosing adoption, but you can breathe, it’s completely normal! Choosing life for you AND your baby can be life changing for both of you, literally. There are countless other benefits to choosing adoption too, it’s all about being in the know and aware of exactly what choosing adoption encompasses. After reading this informative and confined list, as well as other research, you may find it enlightening how beneficial adoption can be for you.

 You can receive counseling, professional support and even financial assistance throughout the adoption process. For many women, this alone can mean ensuring themselves mental health and stability through the emotional, yet rewarding, choice of adoption. Personal expenses such as clothing, groceries and even cell phone costs can be paid for and provided to you with love. Although simple to some, having those financial burdens lifted can mean everything to many expectant mothers!

 Peace of mind can truly be life changing. When choosing adoption, expectant mothers gain such a sense of peace knowing their child will be loved and raised in a providing, nurturing home. Many women aren’t only given the option to choose, but also the option to choose who! Just because you have an adoption plan, doesn’t mean you’re left in the dark about the future life of your baby. You have an amazing right to choose the family, particularly to your desires, and knowing this provides a peace of mind uncomparable.

 When you choose adoption, you’re not only choosing life for you and your baby but also for hopeful adoptive parents! You are personally changing their lives for the better, forever. Adoptive parents are given a miracle through your selfless decision, and having that on your hands can be an incredible honor. In these cases, and most all adoptions, adoptive parents are thankful, grateful and blessed to be given such a gift by you!

 If you’re in school, employed, or on a high priority career path, then choosing adoption can allow you to continue your journey to living your best life. Sometimes pregnancy comes at the wrong time, during a midlife crisis, or at the peak of a life altering opportunity. Giving yourself the ability to achieve your goals or find your purpose through adoption can be infinitely beneficial to you, and its important to remember how special that is!

 Remaining a part of a child’s life, even when choosing adoption, is critical to some pregnant women. Through open adoption, or semi-open adoption, birth mothers find it beneficial and rewarding to begin this lifestyle. With the opportunity to give life and live life, while also having a relationship with your baby moving forward, adoption can continue to be advantageous for a lifetime!

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