Why Adoption Was the Best Choice for my Child.
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Why Adoption Was the Best Choice for my Child.

Why Adoption Was the Best Choice for my Child.

Why Adoption Was the Best Choice for my Child.

An open letter to my child:

As a birth mother, my decision to choose adoption for your sake was not easy, but it was made with love and careful consideration. Here, I want to explain why I believe adoption was the best option for you.


Why I Chose Adoption


  1. **Unconditional Love**: I wanted the best possible life for you, filled with love, stability, and opportunities. Adoption would provide you with a loving and supportive family who could give you everything you needed to thrive.


  1. **A Future Filled with Hope and Opportunity*: I believed that by choosing adoption, you would have access to a stable home environment, quality education, and opportunities to pursue your dreams.


  1. **Courage ** My decision to place you for adoption was not an easy one.  It wasn’t without self reflection and introspection. It was about putting your needs and well-being above my own needs and desires.


  1. **Support System**: I wanted to ensure that you had a strong support system and stable foundation in which to grow.  I reviewed many profiles on Adoptive families and I truly believed that your parents were meant for you.  Something about them touched my heart and soul.


  1. **Openness**: Many adoptions today allow for open communication.  It’s my hope that your parents will instill in you the knowledge of us, our hopes and desires for you and to know that you are loved and thought of often.  That you will come to know where you came from, who you look like, your roots and heritage.


  1. **Love **: By choosing adoption, my love for you was grounded in wanting the best for you and everything life has to offer.

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