Why I Chose Adoption for My Baby and the Joy it Brings. - Ellen Kaplan Adoptions
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Why I Chose Adoption for My Baby and the Joy it Brings.

Why I Chose Adoption for My Baby and the Joy it Brings.

Why I Chose Adoption for My Baby and the Joy it Brings.


I am just an ordinary young woman, but my journey through motherhood has been anything but ordinary. When I found out I was pregnant, I faced a life-changing decision: to keep my baby or to choose adoption. It was not an easy choice, but today, I want to share why I ultimately decided to give my baby up for adoption and how incredibly happy I am with that choice.


Unplanned Pregnancy: My pregnancy was unexpected, and I wasn’t prepared emotionally, financially, or logistically to become a parent. I wanted the best possible future for my child.


Love and Sacrifice: Choosing adoption was an act of love. I knew that by placing my baby in a loving and stable home, I could give them opportunities I couldn’t provide at that moment.


Open Adoption: I chose an open adoption, which allows me to maintain a relationship with my child and their adoptive parents. This was crucial for me, as I wanted to be a part of my child’s life and watch them grow.


The Right Family: I carefully selected the adoptive family, ensuring they shared my values and would provide a safe, loving environment for my child.


Personal Growth: This decision has allowed me to focus on my personal growth, education, and career. It’s given me a chance to work toward a better future for both me and my child.


Today, I am filled with happiness, knowing that my child is thriving in a loving home, and I am pursuing my dreams. My choice of adoption was not easy, but it was the best decision I ever made. It’s a testament to the love I have for my child and my commitment to their well-being.


If you’re facing a similar situation, I encourage you to consider all your options and make the choice that feels right for you and your baby. Adoption can be a beautiful and selfless act of love that brings joy and hope to many lives. For More Information on all your options, Call or Text Ellen Kaplan at 954-270-2787

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